A Day with Vancouver Christian School

event_note April 8, 2022

By the Grade 11 Team
Our third day of PEAK week started early with the bus ride to Salal + Cedar full of nodding heads and heavy eyes. With weak feet, we joined Laurel in a circle and introduced ourselves. As we slowly warmed up, we proceeded with a grid activity, exploring our views and opinions visually. We discussed topics such as environmental impact, and care in creation. We had the chance to listen to members of a church who had an ardent love for the change we can make in climate change.

Letting their testimonies settle in, we had a moment to reflect before getting our hands dirty and working on community projects. We handled and broke down pallets, built bug hotels for insects and explored a creek and smaller labyrinth similar to the one we walked on day one.

As an ending activity, we explored Rice Lake and experienced a Eucharist. Being in a Christian denomination, it was a first for many of us. I remember Laurel preparing the altar on rock, with all of us breaking and sharing bread while returning wine to the earth.

What impacted you the most?

The different outdoor experiences had their own impacts to offer. A grid activity which was led by Laurel gave us the opportunity to know ourselves, and our friends better. We explored how we feel and view different topics such as faith and climate change. Exploring Rice Lake and Coleman Creek opened our eyes to see the beauty which was offered. Alone time in the forest at rice lake during the Eucharist allowed me to understand why God gave us the Earth to preserve and restore. God entrusted us to care for his creation, so we should carry out his will. As people have built an attachment to the area of nature around them, this gives us more reason to continue to care for God’s creation.

Dear God, We are thankful for the opportunity we were given through this motivational and formative peak week experience. The time we had at Salal and Cedar gave us takeaways of how important God’s creation is and how we should respect and admire the earth around us. God provided us with this wonderful opportunity through VCS and Salal + Cedar and we are very thankful! Amen.