AGM/Vestry Meeting

event_note March 22, 2022

“It was electrifying” – one participant’s verdict on Salal+Cedar’s annual Vestry meeting held on Zoom on February 28, 2022 at 7PM.  With facilitation by Laurel and Caitlin, we moved through the agenda using consensus (from five fingers:  I am in total agreement – to one:  I need serious conversation before I can come on board with this).

    A Google jam board image was the basis for a review of 2021.

Transition Plan Laurel outlined our transition plan for the next three years, which Laurel and a team are working on.  We will aim for increased financial sustainability and institutional independence, boosting funding through an expanded donor base, grants and educational offerings.  Building a flatter leadership model will allow us to continue to flourish when Laurel takes a sabbatical in 2023.  

Finances Bunny presented the Audited Statements for 2021 and the Projected Budget for 2022 (see below), both of which were approved.  Our budget for this year includes reimbursement for a bookkeeper, administrative staff, a young adult to work on summer programs, and a fundraising consultant. As we implement our Transition Plan over the next three years we will spend some of our reserve funds to increase our capacity. Our goal is to be bringing in $68,200 a year by 2024.

Mutual Aid and Solidarity is a core value of our community.  We have budgeted $4,000 to give as aid to individuals and support for organizations.  A team meets monthly to disburse the funds.

Affirmation of Leadership three new members of the Mutual Aid and Solidarity team were introduced and affirmed: Evie Sargent, Levi Saunders and Adele Finney. Brynn Craffey and Victoria Marie will continue as members.

Melanie Delva and Erin Aleck will become Lay Readers, in affirmation of the work they are already doing in prayer and spiritual care.

Galina Freed and Caitlin Reilley Beck were affirmed to continue as wardens and signers on our bank account. Bunny Wilder was affirmed as treasurer and our books will be done by a company called Not Another Bookkeeper.

Laurel Dykstra will continue as priest and bank account signer, Elizabeth Mathers has covenanted to another year as our deacon. Sandy Hwang is considering a student placement starting in the fall.

Members Present: Mary Louise Hiebert, Adele Finney, Evie Sargent, Levi Saunders, Elizabeth Mathers (deacon), Bunny Wilder, Victoria Marie, Jan Constantinescu, Sarah Bjorknas, Denzil Asche, Erin Aleck, Melanie Delva, Laurel Dykstra (priest), Caitlin Reilley Beck, Brynn Craffey

Regrets: Julia MacRae, Galina Freed, Alecia Greenfield, Sandy Hwang, Tracy Tobin

Guests: Uta Reid, Fern Logan

Our account balance on Feb, 28, 2022 is $67,539.98