Sacred Earth Camp

Sacred Earth Camp is a two-week environmental leadership program for Indigenous, Settler and Migrant/People of Colour youth and young adults to get to know their bio-region, learn the climate justice issues in Coast Salish territories, and grow the practical skills and spiritual practices for effective change.

If you are, or if you know, a young person ages 13 to 25 with a love for creation and the desire to grow new skills, contact us at to learn more about Sacred Earth Camp, July 29-August 10.


Apply here for 2 weeks of fun, friends, and learning. We want to know about you so that we can choose the best mix of people for the program and design a safe, welcoming and exciting program that fits the group.

New venue(s) announcement for Sacred Earth 2018: 

This year week 1 of camp will take place at Southlands Heritage Farm. Southlands is a teaching farm within Vancouver’s city limits dedicated to demonstrating and sharing sustainability, food security, and traditional farm skills. Week 2 will take place at Sycamore commons a permaculture project in Powell River BC and we hope to have a one night visit and sleep-over at a near-by land defense camp.

Changes from last year

2017 was an amazing year and we learned a lot together. This year we are making some changes that we hope will make camp even better. In addition to a new location we are working with our partners in the Wild Church movement to provide spots for participants from outside of our region to come, learn and share when they get home. We have reduced the amount of program time and increased the time for hanging out, being in nature, building relationships and nurturing spiritual practice.

Previous years:

Sacred Earth Camp has run for two summers already with support from the Anglican Foundation, the Diocese of New Westminster, the Gish Peacemaker Fund and many individuals and parishes. Young people gathered for canoeing, cedar bark weaving, conservation biology, native plant identification, community-building and lots of fun.

Here is a detailed report of our tremendously successful first year: Camp Report 2016