Prayers of the People

By Heather Robertson-Ross

The earth is yours, oh Divine Creator, and everything in it. You have made us stewards of your creation so that it may nourish us, clothe us, shelter us, and heal us. Your wisdom lives in it, and communicates to us if only our ears are open to hear, and are hearts are able to discern. Your wisdom and ever present spirit nourishes us, like the clear stream nourishes the trees at her banks, so that we might produce good fruits of the spirit to nourish others.


To the North, the earth, the archangel Uriel, and new beginnings. We give praises to you Lord for the Cypress, Honeysuckle, Jasmine and Lilac. Help us to be true to our faithful commitment to you and your creation and inspire beauty and peacefulness in Your world for the benefit of all people.


To the South, fire, and the archangel Michael, We give praises to you Lord for the Alder, the Ash, Cedar, Chestnut, Fig, Oak, Holly, and Walnut. May we find inspiration and the fire of your spirit to seek out ecological sustainability in our everyday activities.


To the East, air, the archangel Raphael, and the first Garden where we were safe and secure. We give praises to you Lord for the Acacia, Almond, Aspen, Hazel, Linden, Maple, and Pine. Let us hear the voice of Your spirit in quiet discernment, only then will we succeed in the stewardship of your creation.


To the West, water, and the archangel Gabriel. We give thanks for the Apple, Birch, Cherry, Elder, Elm, Rose, and Willow. Help us to be wise and know that death is not the end, but the beginning; as Jesus rose from the dead, so to can your creation be resurrected and reborn with love, care, and action.

We are humbled by your creation Oh Lord, its majesty, beauty, wonder, and mystery each contain a part of You and by deepening our connection with your Earth, we deepen our connection with You. May we keep our waters clean and our land fertile, so that we may nourish others in body as well as in spirit. For we are all Your creation, may we show the same love and compassion for the sanctity of Your world as You have for us. In the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour, Amen.