Vestry Meeting

Vestry Meeting

The proto-Vestry meeting of Salal + Cedar was held at 4pm on Saturday January 23, 2021.

Present: Victoria Marie, Caitlin Beck, Laurel Dykstra, Sarah Bjorknas, Elizabeth Mathers, Mary Louise Hiebert, Rudi Krause, Jan Constantinescu, Galina Freed, Steven Freed, Liz Hamel, Edith Troup, Wilna Parry, Bunny Wilder, Alecia Greenfield, Anne Kessler, Brynn Craffey, Becky Barnes, Adele Finney, Julia MacRae.
Regrets:Janet Morris, Chuck Wright, Emily Garcia, David Swan, Jason Wood, Janette McIntosh, Denzil Asche.

Territorial Acknowledgement by Vikki naming Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh as the original care takers of this place to whom we owe an obligation of right relationship

Opening Matters by our priest Laurel 
thanked all in attendance for their ongoing support and for taking the time to be present for this meeting
introduced Vikki (The Rev’d Dr. Victoria Marie, S+C member and priest of Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonanzin), Caitlin (Warden and Treasurer of Salal + Cedar, facilitator of this meeting), Elizabeth (Deacon of Salal + Cedar, note taker)
gave a quick review of the Salal + Cedar working mission statement:
Salal + Cedar is an itinerant church with a vocation for environmental justice; we worship outdoors and gather for education and social action on Coast Salish Territory. Salal + Cedar would like to be a community you can bring your whole self to. We strive to make our events accessible for all bodies, all ages, all genders, and all families. We are a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster.
*with an explanation of “non-proselytising” (not converting by coercion); we choose to share the gospel through actions rather than words.led us in prayer

Agreements and Consensus Process facilitated by warden Caitlin
directed us to the agenda (already shared at
gave an introduction to consensus process, with these pointers:
the right to pass
bodies will be bodies
take space/make space
we can’t be articulate or good at technology all the time
it’s okay to ask questions
it’s okay to make mistakes
speak from “I”
teamwork makes the dream work
help each other out

tutored us in consensus-discerning handsignals (from five fingers = agreement, to one finger = disagreement/willingness to continue working on the issue) Bunny and Caitlin clarified if a person is outside of the process continued work can occur at another time

Review of 2021
Over the course of 2021, what have you seen Salal + Cedar doing that you think is vital for us to remember?How has the Salal + Cedar community been present in your life this year?

plus: residential retreat at Camp Fircom in January, creativity and art making

Financial statement and budget
Caitlin presented the financial statement and budget (already shared; see above)
Budget discussion
we are less eligible for church-based “start up” grants
our budget relies increasingly on community member support
parish support – only from St. James ($500/year)
our programs -except for Villanova student program- are a ministry rather than revenue generating
pattern of conservative budgets has left us with small or no deficits for 5 years
compared with traditional parishes, we have fared well during COVID because we do not have a building or depend on rental income
Budget 2021 includes a contribution towards a diocesan assessment for the first time
diocese provides us with book-keeping, banking, training, infrastructure

Conversation around compensation for Laurel 
Laurel is paid for 14.7 hours p.w., which includes administrative time – this is not a sustainable solution in the long term
S+C received a 1 month government wage subsidy during COVID 
should we pay Laurel more, rather than paying diocesan assessment?
if we increase Laurel’s hours, we need a new contract if we need to decrease them again
suggestion diversify leadership instead
suggestion of honorarium for the administrative hours
show of handsignals re accepting Budget as presented – mostly fives, some fours, three threes
lack of long-term viability
changes in how leadership is shared are key
we can’t easily resolve question of Laurel’s compensation in this meeting

show of handsignals – strong consensus to accept Budget as presented

Leadership Decisions
Laurel outlined traditional Anglican parish governance of wardens, treasurer, council
past wardens (Pat McSherry, Jason Wood, Lini Hutchings) have been appointed by Laurel
we are moving away from leadership by appointment to a community-based decision making process
Caitlin will continue as warden and treasurer
Galina has agreed to stand as warden
Mutual Aid and Solidarity – Brynn and Vikki have been asked and are willing to serve on this team
Caitlin, Galina, Brynn and Vikki were affirmed and welcomed into their roles

if anyone is interested in taking on leadership roles, they should contact Laurel or Caitlin

Priority setting – Adjourned until Feb 13
Elizabeth gave a dismissal.
We adjourned at 5.45pm.